We’ll take you to see one of the biggest lakes in the country, our very own lake Pontchartrain. Our lake is a body of water so big, the bridge to cross it is bigger than most municipal areas and is even in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Here’s a dirty little secret: it’s really not even a lake, it’s a giant estuary, that happens to feed into the Gulf of Mexico, and just so happens to be an easy swim of 630 miles.

Lake Pontchartrain is one of the most popular destinations for Louisiana residents in the summer. Boats are out for miles, and countless fishermen troll the waters looking for the catch of the day.

You’ll see where the flood wall broke during Hurricane Katrina, and where the levee system breached.

Much like our tour of the 9th Ward, seeing Lake Pontchartrain is important to us as natives, and it’s important to protect a natural landmark that is a huge part of what New Orleans is all about.